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Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of customer service and satisfaction. SuadaSoft’s "one-stop-shop" approach provides its customers with a well-balanced mixture of hardware, software and services, always aiming at exceeding customers’ expectations.


IBM Premier Business Partner


As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we invest considerable time, energy and resources into training and educating our staff to ensure that the advice given or the products, services or solutions offered are of the highest quality.

This focus is acknowledged by IBM in the annual process of re-qualification as an IBM Business Partner, through a combination of external audit and self-assessment, using detailed questionnaires and the adherence to rigorous technical and business criteria.

And this focus is your assurance that the SuadaSoft professionals know what IBM solutions to recommend, how to help you implement the solutions, and how to provide you with the support you need.

Together, IBM and IBM Business Partners are committed to delivering greater value to enable your success in evolving to the next generation of e-business and creating competitive advantage.


A collaboration with SuadaSoft brings you the following key benefits:


  • SuadaSoft is an IBM Premier Business Partner and IBM Certified Support Provider specialized in the Information Management, InfoSphere, WebSphere and Optim product suites.  This on Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW) platforms and on the z/OS platform.
  • Thanks to a focus on IBM technologies, we have developed a very high level of competence and expertise.
  • SuadaSoft is a market leader in IBM Information Management.
  • SuadaSoft’s DBA’s and consultants are systematically certified on the newest IBM products.